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We repair all brands/models refrigerators in Alameda, CA such as Kenmore refrigerators, Whirlpool refrigerators, GE refrigerators, Sub Zero refrigerators, Amana refrigerators and many more. (view the complete brands list we work on). We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night appointments. Our service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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We provide refrigerator repair to all Alameda, CA zip codes and surrounding cities. The following areas correspond to our appliance service areas:

El Cerrito

San Pablo

San Pablo
San Leandro

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We have been in refrigerator repair business for eight years. For immediate Alameda, CA refrigerator repair service call us 24/7 out our toll free number:

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You can also can contact us by the email for same day Alameda, CA refrigerator repair. Just send us your name, a brief description of the refrigerator problem and your contact information.

Please read these preventative and easy-to-repair refrigerator tips. However if your refrigerator problem cannot be resolved with our easy to repair tips, consider calling us for an refrigerator repair appointment. We will be happy to help for all your Alameda, CA refrigerator repair needs.


Refrigerators are relatively simple appliances, and as such they generally provide a long service life. Seldom do refrigerators require either major repairs or extensive maintenance. One standard procedure, however, is quite important: You must keep the working refrigerator components of your refrigerator clean. Remove the dust and dirt that collects around and beneath the refrigerator frequently. A household vacuum cleaner makes such maintenance a simple task. Be sure to vacuum the refrigerator condenser coils; it is essential that no unintended "insulation" comes between the refrigerant and the surrounding air.

A refrigerator is a substance that can remove heat. There really is no such thing as "added cold"; cold is, by definition, the absence of heat just as the color black is not really a color but rather the absence of light. A refrigerant cools by circulating through an enclosed area and absorbing the area's heat. When the heat-laden refrigerant leaves the enclosure, it carries off that which had made the area warm. As a result, the temperature inside the refrigerator enclosure goes down.

The refrigerator is able to accomplish this task because of a simple law of physics. That is, when a substance evaporates or boils meaning, when it changes from a liquid to a vapor it absorbs heat from its surroundings. For example, as water approaches its boiling temperature on a hot stove, it absorbs heat until at 212 degrees the water is transformed into steam. Since water has such a relatively high boiling point, though, it is an impractical refrigerator. What is needed for food refrigerator is a substance that evaporates at a much lower temperature.

All refrigerator appliances operate in much the same manner. To provide the refrigerator cooling effect, the refrigerant circulates through the system. The most commonly used refrigerants have a low boiling point at atmospheric pressure (minus 21 degrees Fahrenheit for R-12; minus 42 degrees for R-22). The low boiling point means that these refrigerants can change from' liquid to gaseous states and vice/versa a relatively low pressures and temperatures.

The idea behind all refrigerator appliances is to keep the heat-removing substance in a liquid state until it gets to where the cooling or heat absorption is to take place. Then the refrigerant is allowed to vaporize, pulling heat from the surrounding air as it does so. The vaporized cooling substance is carried out of the sealed chamber, reduced to a liquid once again, and the heat is discharged outside the refrigerator.

If you need professional assistance for your Alameda, CA refrigerator repair needs, call us 24/7:

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Or send an appointment request online at To do so, please specify your name, address and a brief nature of the refrigerator problem. Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible.